RG 2019 at Sylvia Powers's farm

Regional Gathering Admin — April 14, 2019

You will see that we will start at the Ottawa Meetinghouse on Friday at 5:30 and end on Sunday after potluck at 12:45, or if you can stay for David Bucura’s talk, it will end at 1:45.

This year we are trying a fully catered approach and we’ll see how it goes. Some of the Meeting’s finer cooks will be overseeing a meal (Isabelle and Maricarmen). We’re going to engage caterers for two meals, and then the Meeting will be bringing extra food for the Sunday potluck for you our guests (it’s our regular pot luck Sunday). We will be catering for different diets, but if you’re concerned, please bring a little bit of food just for yourself. We hope this catered approach will give us a bit more time to relax and talk and get out for quick breaks.

The weekend will feature Friend Jackie Stillwell who will offer a workshop called the “Power of Enough”, which will be excellent, interactive and lively. She normally charges quite a bit for this workshop, but we’re getting it for free. Read her bio and the programme description attached.

Please distribute the registration form and information package to people in your Meeting or Worship Group. The fee is $30 per person or whatever you can pay. $10 for children. There will be childcare, and we hope to also be able to tell you that there will be a childcare programme (fingers crossed), but we’ll see if way opens.

We hope many people will be able to come to connect or reconnect with people from other Meetings in our region. This is what it is all about.

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