Regional Gathering June 2021, Children’s Program

— June 11, 2021

Regional Gathering June 2021, Children’s Program

We propose using the theme of water and rivers, and basing the program on Earthcare for Children: a First Day School Curriculum, which we have used for our children’s program at PMM, and supplementing it with YouTube videos, online games, pictures and songs.

The program would address water and how essential it is for all creation; how to keep water available to meet the needs of people, animals and plants; water use, waste, water conservation, water ceremonies.

Friday night – No special program offered for children. We assume older children will want to watch the videos on our spiritual connections with rivers and watersheds.

Saturday: 10:30 to noon:

  • Watch series of short videos about why water is important for us, how we can conserve water. We would show a portion of the video, stop it and talk about how the issue relates to them in daily life. Some videos are geared to younger children and others to older children.
  • Game “I Spy” with Karston
  • Home water use survey – shown through shared screen Saturday, 12:30 to 2
  • Young children: share something that is special to them, or a memory, or poem, or piece of music or artwork, preferably to do with water. They can share this via shared screen or simply on Zoom. Or they could use the time to create this.
  • Talk about your garden: are you responsible for watering it? Do you use rain barrels, over watering. Water need for trees.
  • Older children may want instead to use this time period to talk about climate change issues such as living with flooding or drought.
  • Experience taking care of a pet or experience with a wild animal share stories/ photos
  • Sing song: “I’ve Got Peace Like a River” Lyrics and song at YouTube
  • I’ve Got Peace Like a River Kids Worship Motions with Lyrics C.J and Friends

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