2021 recap on Regional Gatherings

— February 1, 2022

St. Lawrence Regional Gatherings were held in Spring and Fall, 2021.

  • In spring, the theme was Water with specific focus on the St. Lawrence watershed.
  • In fall, the theme was Trees with specific focus on the trees slated for destruction at the Ottawa Experimental Farm.
  • Each session was conducted only by Zoom, but included ample free time.
    • Friends were encouraged to spend some of that free time outdoors and bring back their experiences for us to share and reflect upon.
  • Sessions included a Friday night activity, Saturday morning, and Saturday afternoon up until mid-afternoon, when a short business session was held for planning and evaluation. Early sessions included videos that were informative, and thoughtful. Later sessions focused on actions we are led to take.
  • At the Spring gathering there was great concern expressed about lack of activities that would engage children, and this was addressed somewhat in the Fall session by having a Saturday afternoon reading of “The Lorax” which drew engagement of many children in the Meeting community.

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